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Spook Trail is Open Again at Rex Farms

Halloween Comes to Rex Farms

It’s that time of the year again, when ghosts and goblins are waking from their slumber and witches are searching for new confections for their magical lotions and potions.  Rex Farms, in the enchanted forest outside of Afton, is the holiday destination for ghoolies of all kinds in October.

Rex Farms is happy to announce it will be hosting its Second Annual “Spook Trail” during the first 3 weekends in October.  The trail will be open Friday and Saturday nights from 7 to 10 p.m. (rain or shine) to allow their resident monsters the opportunity to scare “ordinary” folks senseless.  Screaming along the wooded trail is allowed and definitely encouraged by the spooks.   For just $6 per person, the trail offers a wide variety of surprises and frights.

Visitors are advised to come prepared for whatever the weather may hold and to have lots of fun. The trail weaves through the woods and takes about 20 minutes to get through. Scares appear  at every turn; however, the tour can be customized to be appropriate for small children if visitors choose to bring little ones.

Rex Farms is located 5 miles outside of Afton on County Road 30.  Bring the whole family and see if anyone can earn an “I survived the Rex Farms Spook Trail” sticker. Then be sure to use some props to create some great Halloween “selfies” and enjoy our other fall fun activities.  Drinks, snacks and small Halloween items will be available for purchase.  The spooks are ready and waiting!

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