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Ones-Self Design & Production

Business of the month for: December, 2016

The Greater Afton Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to spotlight its Business of the Month.


Ones-Self Design & Productions was born back in 2004 with a random T-shirt design idea. Owner, Melissa Matthews, was frequently selected in high school to create event programs, flyers and other publications, because of her keen eye for design.


After graduating in 2001 from Unatego H.S., Melissa discovered a website which allowed her to translate her personal designs, based on adult humor, to commercial use. Melissa went on to develop a novelty t-shirt site, and then began to add artwork and ideas from friends looking to purchase their own concepts. Cafepress.com/onesselfdesign now features “Ones-Self Design & Friends Tee Sales”


Ones-Self Design & Productions became more than an online t-shirt retailer in June of 2011, when friends and locals started requesting items other than t-shirts. Starting as a Vistaprint re-seller, Melissa soon noticed others mimicking the use of templates and pre-made logos. Shortly into 2012, she distanced herself from the pre-made layouts and overpriced websites and began working with local print shops to produce her own designs onto business cards, flyers, posters, post cards and other mediums.


Her product offerings and client list has continued to grow, and customers of Ones-Self Design now range from moms planning birthday parties, and couples planning weddings, to local business owners, charities and community leaders. Melissa prides herself on creating identifiable, custom graphics that can be applied to a multitude of promotional materials. A full list of products and services is available online onesselfdesign.com/products



Melissa’s goal is to make an honest living helping other small businesses to do the same. She comments, “And it really is that simple; my business is about helping others to grow their businesses. I know the struggle of starting a business, funding a nonprofit, and not being able to afford the simple things in life; which has given me a lasting desire to give back to the community whenever possible. Another great perk to being in the ‘business of business’ is being able to offer special discounts to community organizations, local Chambers of Commerce and civic events like the Afton Fair.”


After years of working part-time from home, Melissa has now opened a full-time office located at 16 Martin Brook Street in Unadilla where she entertains all business inquiries at 607-369-7001, Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm. Ones-Self Design & Productions is the parent company of a trifecta, including affiliates “Eight Thirteen Threads”, focused on apparel design and sales, and “6ZERO7 Advertising Concepts”, focused on print ad projects, social media management and assisting area events to obtain sponsorship for their promotional needs.


With eyes wide open for what is to come, Melissa Matthews acknowledges that “You cannot rush greatness; it’s all in good time.” The GAACofC wishes to thank Melissa for her assistance with many of their fundraising activities over the past year. See www.aftonchamberofcommerce.com for contact information.