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Rainbow’s End Consignment Shop Celebrates its 3rd Anniversary

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Rainbow’s End Consignment Shop Celebrates its 3rd Anniversary

 Two weeks before the flood of 2011, Rainbow’s End-A Fun & Unique Consignment Shop opened it’s doors for business. Many thought that the business had met an early end when after flood waters took out a corner of the old Fairbank’s Pharmacy building on Main Street, a red notice went up on the front door saying the building was uninhabitable and closed for business. But with the passion and energy of a new endeavor, and repairs to the building, Rainbow’s End survived to make its mark on the community of Sidney. Today the very unique consignment business has gained a reputation for quality items, attractive display, awesome prices and a friendly shopping experience.

Celebrating its third anniversary this month, Rainbow’s End’s owners, Elana Hulsey and Pam Ross, are as excited about their fine reputation in Sidney. The floor space that Pam and Elana once thought might never look “full” now is abundant with treasures to be passed on to others who will enjoy them. “We don’t consider ourselves a ‘thrift store’.” say the owners. “Our customers enjoy our rock-bottom prices for one-of-a-kind clothing, gift items and collectibles; and our consignors keep bringing us fantastic stuff and taking home nice checks!”

In March, the shop became the local franchise for Jim’s Formal Wear; which means that tuxedos rentals and sales are available locally. The store now accommodates its tuxedo customers in a tasteful reception area located in the newly-decorated Menwear area at the rear of the store. With a season of proms under their belt plus several satisfied wedding parties, the Rainbow’s End goal is to make choosing a tux a friendly and fun process.

As part of their three-year anniversary celebration, a colorful new mural adorns the front of the building. The fractured rainbow with intertwined colors is meant to catch the eye and draw in curious customers. It was a 6-week effort on the part of owner, Pam Ross, who could be found after hours behind the building busily painting the huge plywood panels. The mural is now up and adding to the sparkle of this thriving business.

In this economy where new and old businesses alike are finding it hard to survive, this consignment shop is staying the course and growing. Rainbow’s End is hoping to be one of the anchors that become the foundation of a thriving Sidney shopping community.


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