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Afton Chamber Names Musica Humana Therapeutic Massage 2017 Business of the Year

Hollie VanDerHeide, Owner

Hollie VanDerHeide, Owner


Afton Chamber Announces 2017 Business of the Year

Musica Humana Therapeutic Massage

The Greater Afton Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce it’s Business of the Year for 2017, Musica Humana Therapeutic Massage, 10 Spring Street in Afton.


In its nomination submission, Hollie VanDerHeide, the heart and soul of her business, was referred to in this way: She “provides incredible quality service, is professional through and through, and is at the front line of preventative and therapeutic healthcare in our community”.


In a world of Western medicine, where the answer always seems to be invasive surgery or prescription drugs, Hollie VanDerHeide is just one of many massage therapists striving to change the way we think about our health.


After experiencing the effects of a high stress career path, Hollie decided she needed to redirect her life before things got out of hand.  In a stroke of fate, she received a brochure from the Finger Lakes School of Massage, which launched her into a new line of work: healing the human body.  What she had discovered was that massage is so much more than a way to relax the body and mind.  She learned all about the holistic approach to managing one’s health and how massage can help to keep the body in a state of equilibrium by affecting ALL of the systems of the body, not just the muscles.  It came as a surprise to her that she would need to take extensive training in anatomy and physiology to understand how each part of the human body worked in relation to another.  Thereby, she found that when a client came to her with a medical condition (from a common cold to tendonitis to chronic pain) she had the knowledge and an arsenal of techniques to help bring them some relief.


Elated to see the positive effects her work was having on her clients, Hollie knew that she wanted to share this newly-found gift with the people of her hometown.


Upon receiving her license in March of 2013, she immediately opened her private practice in Afton, NY.  Unfortunately, Hollie encountered the issue that many massage therapists deal with today: that most people struggle with preconceived notions about massage.  Holistic therapy has, for years, been striving to guide people to see it as a legitimate health practice.  On a whole, however, most individuals view massage therapy as an expensive luxury.  In reality, therapeutic massage can help prevent injury, increase metabolism, and improve the immune response when received regularly.  Many massage offices even offer discounts for individuals who wish to receive massage on a monthly basis to help make this self-care more accessible.


Now three years into her career, Hollie has developed a reputation as a therapist who works primarily with chronic pain patients.  She has helped individuals who struggle with sciatic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, or thoracic outlet syndrome to name a few.  In addition to practicing privately at Musica Humana Massage on Main Street in Afton, Hollie also works with Back In Motion Massage Therapy in Norwich where she can give prenatal massage and accept No-Fault Insurance. Hollie urges not to wait until illness or injury drives us to seek help, but to start practicing preventative healthcare today by finding a massage therapist in your area.

In addition to the accolades about her business, Hollie herself has “contributed to revitalizing our town with her participation in community events, promoting and referring other local businesses” and is noted as the definition of a “good neighbor” by Chamber voters.


The Greater Afton Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to promote its Business of The Year for 2017. Information about how to contact Musica Humana Therapeutic Massage is available on the Chamber’s website, www.aftonchamberofcommerce.com.




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